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The key to feeling the full benefits of CBD in a cream or gel is solving the twin challenges of stability and effective delivery through the skin barrier. The answer is CBD100.

In 2019 CBDerma Ltd, in conjunction with its partner Futura Medical Developments Ltd, a leading specialist in thetransdermal delivery of active ingredients through the skin barrier, completed initial laboratory and optimisation work on a gel called CBD100 using its DermaSys technology.

The lab work on human epidermis demonstrated “highly efficient penetration of cannabidiol into and through the skin”. Indeed, the approach was “superior to an established, marketed, comparator product”.

Cannabidiol is known to be unstable, particularly in combination with many of the typical ingredients used in skin creams and gels. CBD100 DermaSys gel was developed to resolve these stability and penetration issues.

CBDerma has now started to explore commercialisation options for CBD100 with joint-venture partner Futura as stability work continues in parallel.

In a statement, CBDerma chief executive Anthony Parker said:

Around the world the regulation of the CBD industry is progressing. For industry to build brands it needs hard science, hard data and solid patent protection. Combining the proprietary transdermal technological expertise of the team at Futura Medical with the deep domain expertise of CBDerma, we have the optimised formula for solving the twin challenges of stability and dermal delivery of CBD. We are delighted with the success of our development programme.”

Futura Medical chief executive James Barder said:

We are aiming for CBD100 to be highly differentiated from existing, largely un-regulated, low-tech products in the fast growing cannabidiol market on the basis of quality, stability and efficient delivery to the skin for a number of applications and indications expected to range from cosmeceutical through to pharmaceutical dermal and pain relief treatments.”